Wednesday, August 17, 2016

First Week

Here is what we have been up to

Name Study
To build phonemic awareness (calling attention to the sounds) and develop some important understandings about words and letters, we are focusing on one student’s name each day. This special student will be the focus for all literacy activities for the day. Some of these activities include: sharing items in special bag, the story of their name, writing a sentence about the special student, adding their name to the word wall, using the alphabet chart to find letters that match the sounds they hear, creating a picture to match the sentence written, counting and rearranging letters, and noticing the letter-sound relationships. (*Basically, its like writing bootcamp!)

To begin thinking mathematically, we have started to explore some of the math materials (manipulatives) that we will use throughout the year: pattern blocks, geoblocks, connecting cubes, buttons, colored tiles, and unifix cubes. Students are using these materials to match objects that have at least one attribute in common. We are talking about descriptive words, classifying by attributes, answering daily surveys and graphing answers, and thinking about data. Each day, they are becoming more familiar with the expectations of learning.

Please check your child’s messenger folder each night and send it back to school each day.  For organization purposes...please take out the things I sent home the day before and add any messages to me or homework completed in that folder.  This lets me know you got my messages. This folder is how you and I will communicate and will be used for homework all year long.    

Please help your child learn how to use their backpacks, water bottles, and folders.  We are working hard to build independence at these skills at school your help at home is much appreciated.