Monday, April 3, 2017

March Kindergarten Update

Friday, April 28th:                         Egg Drop (weather permitting)

In class we have been reading and writing informational text.  
One thing we noticed is that informational text often has unique features.

We enjoyed exploring text and finding these text features.   
Although we can learn so much from diagrams and photographs, technology has given us a way to access information independently that may be above our current reading level.  is a website our school uses and that our class loves! On PebbleGo students learn all kinds of information through videos, diagrams, photographs, maps, and text that can be read to you if needed. Now even young readers can access information independently. They are exploring, learning new things, and practicing taking notes in word and picture form.  At home you can use this website by putting in the password: gredigger and username: gredigger. It is a great resource that we will be using throughout the next few months. Try it out at home! Soon students will be picking an animal to study and write about. This site will become very useful in gathering information.

As you know our class has been collecting supplies to make a variety of creations and inventions out of craft supplies and recyclables. What you sent in as "junk" came back as something "precious"!  Thank you for your support. As part of our Force and Motion studies students were challenged to make a marble mover. They were amazing inventors, collaborators, critical thinkers and problem solvers. They made plans, executed their plans and changed them to solve problems along the way. You can see your student share their invention on Seesaw.

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